Euralumin Ltd is a Private Limited Company which was established in the year 2001 with an aim of fabricating high quality and durable Aluminium products in the Construction Industry. We specialize in and are fabricators of Aluminum windows, Doors, Partitions, Panel Doors, Suspended Ceilings, Curtain Walls & Sand blasting as per the clients’ specifications and requirements. Euralumin Ltd is a sister company to Rama Nand & Co. Ltd; manufacturers of Coffee Dryers, Combined Hullers & Processing Plants, Maize Mills, Hullers & Thrashers as well as Steel fabrication.

Over the years, Euralumin Ltd has undertaken a variety of projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & Sudan which have been a stepping stone in moving us deeper into the world of Aluminium. It has enhanced the development of our skills and improved on our experience in the field/market.

A technical study of the Aluminium products supplied on the market with their performances over the years; in the Tropical and Sub tropical Africa drew the attention of our technocrats who came up with an exclusive profile in its very uniqueness and lavish beauty. It meant to reduce dust, prevent possible leakages, reducing on noise from the external environment hence blending with the ever changing climate and matching up with the rising standards of living while maintaining the ability of pocket friendliness.

The designed Aluminium profile commands the use of specific accessories like Joint Corners, brushes, hinges and many more which we import from Europe (Greece, Italy e.t.c) & Asia, thereby not only improving on the quality but also providing international quality and a larger scope of choice for our esteemed clients.

Aluminium profile can be classified in two categories depending on the way in which it is processed;

1) Anodized Aluminium: which is passed through high temperatures of heat and can either be Natural (Silverish Colour) or Bronze  and Army Green.

2) Gloss Powder Coated: Here, a powder of any colour depending on the clients’ preference is coated onto the Aluminium to create a permanent glossy coat resistant to weather and scratches.

Having lived in Africa and studied the climatic variations and their effect on the Aluminium profile, we designed a Special Gloss Powder Coating which is resistant to the fading effect caused by the sun. 

To reach up to International standards, meet our clients’ demands, expectations and attain their satisfaction, we are equipped with the latest and modern high tech state of the art equipment imported from Europe to enable us operate large scale production more efficiently and effectively in record time.