Marketing & Sales Department
We do not only deliver quality products, but with the help of our marketing strategy, we generate a new stream of customers and substantially improve the service level of existing ones by following up on the suggestions, complaints and queries of our clientele. Under this department are a team of Marketeers headed by the Marketing manager; whose responsibility is to communicate directly and create relationships with our clientele, and search for sales for our products. All this is therefore achieved by direct marketing and the fact that our quality and workmanship invites more customers for our Aluminium.

Evaluation and Quotation Department
Under this department, evaluation of the sites is made as per the measurements taken and Quotations for the respective measurements are made as per the clients’ specifications and descriptions. It is ensured that the right evaluations are made in the shortest time possible and all quotations delivered to their respective owners. This minimizes on the problem of over or under evaluation.

Accounts Department
After Evaluation and Quotation has been made and the client confirms the job, payments are then made to the Accounts Department. This Department is responsible for all Accounting work as well as handling the finances of the company. We also offer Credit Facility services and Installment paying for our customers who may not be able to make all payments at once and yet need the work done urgently.
We are fully aware of the fact that sometimes, misunderstandings in accounts may occur with the clients and to avoid this, we have an efficient Accounting system in place which ensures that all clients’ accounts are correctly updated.

Works & Production Department
This Department is responsible for stock maintenance, making sure that work is finished on time and all final fittings at the respective sites are done to perfection. We insist on quality workmanship to satisfy our customers to the maximum, giving them value for their money.
With a work force of over 30 employees including Site fitters, Fabricators, Machine Operators and Glass Cutters being headed by the Works manager; who are all highly experienced in their respective fields, we assure the best of the best.
And with a qualified and highly experienced team, we see to it that our clientele is provided with the best professional services