Euralumin Ltd is run under a hierarchy management system with the Board of Directors being chaired by Mr. Kalwant Singh Notay, the Managing Director and Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Notay, the Director. Other directors include; Gurpreet Kaur Notay & Sukhdev Singh Notay

Words from the Managing Director
‘‘The name Euralumin comes from the fact that the Accessories used during fabrication are imported from Europe. My vision was to storm the Aluminium Construction Industry with high classy and beautiful Aluminium products which would match up to the standards of the first world countries at affordable prices; hence the inception of Euralumin Ltd. With the rate at which Africa (taking special interest in Uganda) is developing and embracing the new designs, I am happy to say that it is a dream come true. At Euralumin Ltd, our strength lies in our clients’ satisfaction. With a dedicated and reliable team, we deliver to you the very best and make your dreams a reality.’’