Plasma cutting machine in Uganda

Euralumin offer the best Plasma cutting machine in Uganda used to cut through materials like metals.

Plasma cutting machine adopts integrated design as well as a combination of CNC ,mechanical transmission and thermal cutting. That makes it to be a high technology, high precision and high reliability cutting machine. Excellent human interface guarantees the easy operating and quick processing for various workpiece.

Plasma cutting which is a thermal cutting method, is widely used to cut or engrave on materials such as metals. This is one of the fastest cutting methods available that assures high-quality and precise cuts without causing any deterioration on the material.

How a plasma cutting machine works

Also called a thermal cutting method, Plasma Cutting Machine can cut metals which are good conductors of electricity. This is done through an accelerated jet of hot plasma instead of mechanically cutting it. This is achieved by compressed air or other gases, depending on the material to be cut. Basically, the compressed gases create a pressure build-up, across the electrode, and the plasma steam is pushed towards the cutting head.  Plasma cutting torches use a copper nozzle to constrict the steam of plasma, which is then subjected to the workpiece. As the current from the cutting torch passes through the plasma, sufficient heat is produced to melt through the workpiece. At the same time, compressed gases blow away the molten metal.